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Channel Changes Foul Up Crosby TV Applications

February 14, 1952

WASHINGTON—(AP) Screen and radio star Bing Crosby may have to do some extra paper work—a lot of it—before he gets to build any television stations in the Pacific Northwest, even though the FCC was reported Wednesday as hoping to lift its freeze on new stations by the end of this month.

Bing was caught in the television freeze shortly after he applied to the Federal Communications Commission late in 1948 for permission to build TV stations at Spokane, Yakima and Tacoma. Since that time the commission has put out a tentative re-allocation of television channels that upsets the plans of many early applicants.

Channel Seven—the channel Crosby applied for in Spokane—has been assigned to educational use only. The channels he wanted in Tacoma and Yakima have been tentatively removed from those cities entirely. What it all means is that Bing will have to take another look and try for other channels.

However, Bing’s business manager—his brother Everett—said in Los Angeles Wednesday they’re going to make no move until official notification of channel changes is made.

The whole stir about Bing’s television plans and interests came earlier this week when a confirmation that his applications were still on file was mistaken for a set of new applications.

Thursday, February 14, 1952

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