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Radio and Video Harmony Cited

January 25, 1951

The Spokesman-Review

EASTERN WASHINGTON COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, CHENEY, Jan. 24—Singling out radio as television’s competitor is a fallacy, according to Richard Dunning, president of station KHQ Spokane.

Addressing Eastern Washington College of Education students yesterday he said “When you are watching television you are not reading a paper, a magazine or going to the movies, any more than you are listening to AM radio.”

“The American public will go along its even way and absorb, use and enjoy television. Radio and television will go side by side, as do freight trucks and freight trains,” he added.

Dunning was the third speaker on the journalism lecture series sponsored by the Spokane Press Club. He outlined the growth of radio and advised students on ways and means of getting jobs. He intimated that the majority of the men will probably soon be working for “Uncle Sam.”

In spite of student preparations, KEWC, the college radio station, did not put its best foot forward when Dunning visited the studio. The electricity went off and the control room was dark.

Thursday, January 25, 1951


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