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New Television Plant Proposed

December 19, 1944

Maj. Louis Wasmer Files Application for Transmitter

The Spokesman-Review

Application has been filed with the Federal Communications Commission at Washington, D.C. for the installation in Spokane of a $300,000 television transmitter plant by Louis Wasmer, Inc., it was revealed yesterday by Maj. Louis Wasmer upon his return from Washington.

“This is essentially a post-war project, but we have filed the application at this time so that we will be early in the priorities for equipment from the War Labor Board,” he said. “The equipment, which has been ordered from the Radio Corporation of America, will cost $190,000, and buildings, studios and installation of accessories will boost the investment an additional $110,000. The buildings are yet to be selected.”

Developments Great.

“The new transmitter plant,” explained Mr. Wasmer, “will be of sufficient capacity to cover the Inland Empire. I have seen much of the television in the east, and its results are phenomenal. The war has brought in three years of what would normally have taken 20 years of research to attain wonderful improvements in television, which will develop a new industry. The ending of the war will witness the unfolding of these great developments.

“A number of experimental stations in the east are conducting a regular television service covering entertainment and sports. From your living room you are virtually taken to a ringside seat of a sporting event, or convention hall or any big show. It appeared to me almost unbelievable what has been accomplished. Television has opened complete new fields in radio development.”

Tuesday, December 19, 1944


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